Trademark Services

We help our clients determine the viability and availability of their proposed trademarks for use and registration in the Indian Sub-Continent Region. Our Trademark Search Services includes knockout searches, trademark searches along with thorough legal opinion and advice.

At KashishIPR, we have a dedicated team of experienced lawyers taking care of legal interests of our clients at all times. We assist clients in drafting and filing of Trademarks before the National Trademark Offices in the Indian Sub-Continent. In addition, we extend our services for replying to official objections, amendment of goods and services, drafting of oppositions and counter replies, attending hearings on behalf of clients, attending to any official notices from Trade Registries etc. We strive to provide efficacious and efficient services to our clients catering to their legal needs pertaining to IP rights in the best possible way.

We assist clients in securing their IP Rights for long term by filing timely Renewal requests before the Trademark Registries. Also, we aid clients in restoring their abandoned trademarks due to non – payment of Renewal fees on time.

Over a period of time, there may be changes that may take place in respect to ownership or transfer of rights to a trademark by way of assignment, merger or licensing. In addition, there may be a change in details of the IP owners i.e. either change of name or address. Hence, the IP owners and their representatives may be required to perform IP recordals as stand-alone tasks before the Trademark Offices to record such changes. We help our clients have a smooth sail through above-mentioned changes by providing assistance at all possible stages to successfully record the changes of name and address, assignment, merger and licensing of their Registered and/or Pending Trademarks before the Trademark Registries.

• Change of Name and Address: We have been successfully assisting clients file recordal of change of name/legal entity and change of address before the Trademark Registries.

• Assignment: We also offer assistance to clients in conveying a Trademark Assignment, whether as an Assignor or as an Assignee. In addition, we further provide support to clients in drafting of Assignment Deeds and Affidavits, if required. Furthermore, we advise on local trademark Assignment requirements which may be necessary to be fulfilled for a successful recordal of Assignment before the Trademark Registries.

• Merger: Our services also include helping clients file recordal of Mergers before the Trademark Offices. We also extend our services to draft Deed of Merger and advise clients on national practices and laws related to Recordal of Mergers.

• Licensing: We provide significant assistance to clients in drafting and negotiating a trademark license, whether as licensee or as licensor. In addition, we advise on local trademark licensing requirements, including avoiding terms that are potentially unenforceable because of unfair competition law, and on terms that are implied by law and any requirements for recordal of the license.