Laws for Registration of Well-known Marks in India

WHAT IS A WELL-KNOWN TRADEMARK? A well-known trademark is a trademark which is widely known to the prominent section of the public and enjoys a relatively high reputation. If any other party uses that protected well-known mark on their products or services, it would be deemed a sign that the product or service is associated […]

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Nepal Enforcement And Protection Of Trademark Rights

  In Nepal, the mechanism of enforcement and protection of a trademark is governed by the Patent, Design and Trademark Act (PDTA), 1965 (2022). Under Section 18 of this act, a trademark registered by any person is valid for 7 years from the date of application. Department of Industries (DOI), within the Ministry of Industries, […]

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Skechers USA, Inc & Ors v. Pure Play: Summary Judgement

A massive fine of Rs. 87 lacs was imposed by the Delhi High Court on Pure Play in the Skechers USA, Inc and Ors v. Pure Play IP case of infringing the Intellectual Property Rights of Skechers by manufacturing and selling rip-offs of a Skechers’ GoWalk3 series shoes. On May 2016, Skechers filed a suit […]

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