Apple’s ‘Think different’ versus Swatch’s ‘Tick different’

News    May 11, 2019
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Apple’s ‘Think different’ versus Swatch’s ‘Tick different’‘Think different’ is a very famous advertising slogan used by Apple since 1997. Swatch, a Swiss watchmaker, advertised its watch using the slogan ‘Tick different’. This led to a legal trademark dispute between both the companies in which Apple lost to Swatch two times in recent weeks.

Swatch, advertised and promoted its NFC- capable watch by turning Apple’s ‘Think different’ slogan into its own slogan ‘Tick different’. It is a matter of fact, that yes; Swatch had registered this slogan as its trademark along with the widely-known half sentence “One more thing”, using which, Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder generally presented a creative new product at the end of his presentations. Apple considered it as a replica of its slogan, to which, Swatch gave an even older reference of the slogan “One more thing” – the famous television detective, Columbo who often said “Only one more thing”, that very well fits in the way how Swatch advertised its watch.

However, Apple is now taking strict actions against the registration of this trademark in many countries but has already been defeated twice by the Swatch watch manufacturer in recent weeks.

In the first week of April, the Swiss court discarded Apple’s appeal by stating that the company didn’t produce any legitimate documents which could prove its allegations against Swatch and Swatch’s slogan doesn’t infringe on Apple’s own logo even if they appeared similar Apple, then again lost in the legal slogan battle against Swatch in Australia during the end of the month as the Australian Trademark Office stated that Apple never used the wording in connection with certain goods or services but only in presentations. Of course, Swatch would be low spirits in the United States where the “Think different” advertising slogan remains famous in the company’s campaigning history. More Visit:

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