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NewsPatent    November 18, 2019
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Google, the most used web search engine, has recently received a patent from India for its technology that emphasizes monitoring the quality of food within the containers by using sensors. This technology cannot just showcase the food quality condition in real-time but also store data for analysis. Besides, it can inform the user that the food quality is not good by triggering the alarm.

Google had filed the Patent Application for “System and method for monitoring food,” which is associated with systems and methods for observing and controlling conditions that influence the quality of food being served, in 2007.

The specifications provided by the firm to the Patent Office explained that based on conditions like temperature, elapsed time, etc., that affect the quality and safety of food, several models of monitoring systems are formulated to be incorporated with different sorts of food containers and sensors on them. For instance, temperature probes can give out information about the temperature of the receptacles and food being served.

The monitoring system can use the information related to temperature in conjunction with elapsed time statistics in many ways. The monitored data cannot just be displayed in real-time but also be stored for subsequent analysis. Moreover, the data can be used to trigger indicators such as alarm in detrimental conditions related to food-serving.

The technology will also take care of the food in cafeterias, buffets, and other places where these eatable items are brought out in large quantities and stored for some time in containers, with facilities to keep the cold food articles cold and warm food articles warm. Nevertheless, there is a time limit for which the food items can be kept outside without impacting the quality.

In the patent application, the applicant said that there are no reliable tools by which the food providers and regulators can track the food’s environmental aspects like humidity, temperature, etc., no matter whether the item is in storage or on a serving line. For example – neither inspectors nor customers can tell how old a food item is or how long it has been on a serving line. Hence, there is a crucial need for reform in the way food items are often being stored or served. In particular, an improved method of monitoring circumstances that can influence the quality and safety of food is the need of the hour.

This new invention by Google focuses on a method that emphasizes fixing several sensors like humidity, temperature, chemical, biological, and visual sensors. These sensors are then connected to an indicator employing a wireless transmitter or alarm to alert if the condition of the food is affected.

With this patent, it is expected that Google will soon provide the technology that would assist the world in preserving the quality and safety of the food items. Nonetheless, as the details are a bit limited, no one can tell the exact date when this amazing technological gift will come into the light. For more visit: 

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