How is Industrial Design Redefining Commercial Office Spaces in India?

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In the past ten years, the Industrial Design landscape in Indian commercial office spaces has undergone a remarkable change. From the end of cubicle farms to the start and rise of open floor plans, there has been a great shift in interior designs. Owing to the continuously changing behavior and tastes of people, interactive workplaces have become the foremost choice of many, including businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. Hence, to keep pace with globalization, technological advancements, and changing tastes, even the designers and professionals are reforming their ways of working.

What Leads to Change in Industrial Design Landscape?

The consistent rise in startup culture and first-generation entrepreneurs in India has blown a new wave of thinking in industrial design trends. With the changing design sensibility, most of the top-level designers and entrepreneurs became the world travelers and are working in national and International Industrial Design environments. Hence, as a result of getting exposure from diverse cultures, these business minds look for office spaces that are designed according to the concept of advanced functionality and comfort. This is what led to the growing trend of industrial design in India. Today, designs such as Scandinavian and Brooklyn are becoming much more acceptable.

Scandinavian Designs are the premier modern contemporary designs characterized by simplicity, functionality, and minimalism.

The design philosophy in the present times combines two aspects – superfluous and utilitarian. No matter whether the designer is using wood, metal, stone, or any other natural material, the only thing that matters is how he/she integrates the same with pieces of art to obtain the expected functionality. Nowadays, most people prefer a practical, aesthetic, visually attractive, and neutral color palette. This form of style is preferred because it provides a way to a wide and open form of design language. Today’s industrial designs are synonymous with bold and brave, and innovative and organic. Moreover, they are related to young and energetic organizational structures.

Office spaces that previously had concealed structures are today humbly exposed. These spaces, though being unfinished, yet seem chic and organized. The modern design language likewise showcases structures that lie under an edgy and raw finish. As the trend connects with today’s lifestyle and contemporary work, it is getting more and more popular.

Current industrial design trends are capable of establishing a good balance in the designing industry by equally catering to the work-life, personality, and behavior of:

  • Who prefer the chic look in their workplaces on the one hand, and
  • Those who don’t care much about their office appearance and design, on the other hand.

The new flexible industrial design style enables workplaces to fit the changing dynamics of the working environment that is highly dominated by technology in the present times. It provides an opportunity to allocate office space that goes beyond the traditional allocation of the workplace. Several reports have shown that a person’s performance and productivity are highly dependent on not just the group collaboration but also the office space. And, current industrial design trends in India appear to be one of the best means that take care of both these aspects in a balanced way. In other words, the trendy industrial design develops a correct business sense.

Recent trends of Industrial design in India also seem beneficial in:

  • Creating an out-of-the-box experience for workers by aligning strong forces amid technologies and their working ambiance.
  • Saving costs for businesses by providing simple and realistic structures.

Not only the young professionals but almost all Indian businessmen are rushing towards the new design trends. Hence, it is expected that in the coming decade, India will witness the growing popularity of the present and upcoming industrial design trends, especially in the Indian commercial office spaces. Hence, not just the designers, but the professionals dealing in matters, like Industrial Design Registration Procedure, Product Design Registration, etc., need to be meticulous and up-to-date. Understanding the importance of industrial designs and changes in their trends is crucial for all! For more visit: 

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