New Patent Hints: Future iPhones May Get Glowing Apple Logo for Notifications

NewsPatent    October 9, 2019
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A new Patent Application filed by Apple Inc. with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) suggests that the company could use the logo on the backside of iPhones as a notification light in the future models.

For now, Apple iPhones often light up the entire screen or vibrate or ring the alert sound whenever the user gets a notification from any app. Unlike several Android smartphones, they don’t have a feature like blinking LED-illuminated light to provide a visual indication of any notification. However, it may change soon as the new patent, which was first spotted by Apple Insider, talks about an adjustable decoration that will notify iPhone users in case of an incoming call, a calendar reminder, etc. The iPhone creators may finally put the logo at the back of the device to good use by changing it from a simple mirror finish mark to a glowing sign that will indicate the reception of a notification.

Although till now there is no confirmation on this piece of information, what makes it considerable is the new patent published by the USPTO. As per this patent, Apple would not just turn the logo glowing but also provide users with options to customize it by allowing them to choose from various colors.

The patent titled “Electronic Devices with Adjustable Decoration” puts light on the way the company may add a ‘decorative element’ on the device’s case to glow the logo. The decoration can have multiple layers.

The patent adds that Layers 40′ may comprise many fixed layers, including fixed patterned metal layers, fixed layers of fabric, fixed patterned thin-film interference filters, frosted glass, textured films, etc. Besides, Layer 40′ may include one or more adjustable layers, which can be used in adjusting optical characteristics for decoration 40. There could be an adjustable mirror layer, an adjustable tint layer, and an adjustable haze layer as well.

Though Apple was available with the glowing logo in the past as well; for example, its MacBook has had such a logo until 2015, yet the fact is that it didn’t alert users about notifications. Nevertheless, the latest patent suggests that the new functionality will soon be available on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iMac, but as it emphasizes adjusting the decoration for incoming calls, text messages, or other communications, there are possibilities that the feature could come only in iPhones first.

Moreover, it is possible that the feature may not get launched at all as companies often file patent applications revolving around new features, and whether they finally end up launching the aspects or not is another question. For more visit: 

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