Piaggio Wins Copyright Dispute against the Chinese Copy of Vespa Model

Piaggio Group (an Italian motor vehicle manufacturer that specializes in producing a range of compact commercial vehicles and two-wheeled motor vehicles) has quite recently won a Copyright dispute against a two-wheeler Chinese manufacturer for copying the Vespa model, Primavera. In a recently issued statement, the Piaggio Group has mentioned that the design registered by the […]

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Understanding the Relevance of Intellectual Property for Businesses

In the present technologically advanced and highly competitive world, innovation is indeed the centerpiece for every other business company and organization out there that leads to the creation of Intellectual Property (IP) assets. Identifying, creating, and leveraging innovation undoubtedly provides a competitive edge and further helps in the long-term success of a company and organization. […]

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How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Online?

Intellectual Property (IP) is the lifeblood of almost everyone, whether it is a successful online marketer or a well-doing blogger. With the advent of the advanced digital technologies, IPs like pictures, recordings, content, and other inventive works over the Internet are now more than ever targeted to various forms of cyber thefts. Unlawful use of […]

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