Here’s How You Can Maintain Your Trademark Registration in India

Maintaining a Trademark Registration can indeed be challenging if you aren’t familiar with the Trademark Law. However, there exist some steps and guidelines you can take and follow to ensure your Registered Trademark remains protected and valid. Firstly, it is imperative to understand what a trademark is and how it differs from other forms of Intellectual Property (IP). […]

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How Should You Do A Trademark Search in India?

Awareness in regards to Intellectual Property (IP) such as trademarks has gradually increased among Indian individuals, startups, and companies from the past many years. Nowadays, almost every businessman wants to protect a mark, sign, or symbol that can identify his products or services from other entrants. Statistics showed that the number of applications being filed […]

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5 Things to Consider While Preparing a Trademark Strategy

In today’s advanced world, where most of the entrepreneurs have a common understanding that trademarks are vital for businesses, some often overlook the importance of putting a precise trademark strategy in place. Merely put, most of us know that a trademark can be a unique letter, word, sign, symbol, or combination of these things, which […]

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