Twitter Disables Trump’s Retweet over Copyright Claim by Linkin Park

CopyrightNews    July 21, 2020
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The widely known social networking platform, Twitter, has quite recently disabled a campaign-style video retweeted by President Donald Trump on 18th July 2020 over Copyright Violation. The video, which had music from Linkin Park (American rock band from Agoura Hills, California), disappeared from President Trump’s Twitter feed on 18th July 2020 with the notification – “This media has been disabled in response to a complaint filed by the Copyright Owner.”

Trump had retweeted the video from the social media director at White House, Dan Scavino. Twitter deleted the video after Machine Shop Entertainment had sent it a notice corresponding to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The notice was posted on the Lumen Database, which gets the requests for the removal of online material. According to Linkin Park’s LinkedIn profile, Machine Shop Entertainment is a management company owned by the rock band.

A Twitter representative said in an email statement that the platform responds well to all the copyright claims, which it receives from the copyright owners or their representatives. The White House, on the other hand, hasn’t yet responded to the request for comment.

This year in May, Twitter began challenging Trump’s tweets and has been clashing with him repeatedly since then. The social networking service has multiple times disabled or commented on the tweets by President Trump over violations of a policy against threatening violence and copyright complaints.

On 30th June 2020, Twitter also deleted an image tweeted by President Trump, which included a picture of himself, because of a complaint filed by The New York Times’ photographer, who had shot the image. It also disabled a tweet from President Trump behind a warning label at the end of May. According to Twitter, the tweet violated the rules against ‘glorifying violence’ when President Trump advocated that the Minneapolis authorities should have been tough in responding to the protests over the death of George Floyd. For more visit: 

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