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The Patent and Design Rules, 1933 (as amended up to 15th June 1946) deals with the mechanism of Patent protection in Bangladesh.

Process Patent and Product Patent are the two types of Patent protection in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, any invention which satisfies the conditions of originality, novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability, subjects to Patentability.

The following are the types of Patent Applications in Bangladesh: Non-Convention Application Convention Application

The Patent of invention lasts for 16 years in Bangladesh.

The following information and documents are required to file the Patent application in Bangladesh:

1. Power of Attorney.

2. Priority Document with required translation.

3. The applicant’s name and address and nationality Provisional specification or complete specification with description, claims, abstract and drawings.

The time frame for examination is 18 months approximately from the date of application.

The time frame for publication is minimum 12 months from the date of acceptance.

In Bangladesh, an opposition against a Patent application can be raised at the pre-grant stage. At the pre-grant stage, any third party may raise an opposition within 2 months approximately.

The following are the permissible amendments: Clarifying the invention without resulting in varying the scope of invention. Any addition to cover improvements or amendments to the invention of an earlier patent, varying the scope of invention. Substantial amendments to claims. Substantial amendments to descriptions.

The payment of Annuities can be made any time before the due date.

The documents required are as follows:

1. CHANGE OF NAME/LEGAL FORM/ADDRESS Certified copy of extract from the Registrar of Companies with required translation Power of Attorney

2. ASSIGNMENT: Deed of Assignment Power of Attorney

3. MERGER: Deed of Merger Power of Attorney

In Bangladesh, it takes around 4-5 years approximately for a Patent to be granted.

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