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About Us


  • Kashish Indian Sub - Continent IPR Management Limited is an Intellectual Property law firm, catering the comprehensive legal solutions for all IPR related matters to multi-dimensional IP Right holders.

    The company has a profound experience of successfully handling the high stake and high-tech IP matters.


  • A cohort of specialized and skilled attorneys to mentor and provide solutions to all facets of IP matters.

    Our team encompasses extensive experience to deal with the continually changing IP laws and practices.


  • The firm’s objective is to provide practical solutions in a time effective manner.

    We are well-equipped to handle the matters which are complex in nature and require the most attention.


  • We believe in investing in our employees with proper training and monitoring to enhance the assisting and tactical skills for managing the IP portfolios.

    To create and install a culture of innovation, creativity and adding value for all our clients.


  • Our client’s business interests always remain our first and foremost priority.

    We envisioned at building and boosting the long-term association with our clients based on mutual respect and understanding.

    To create the stress-free milieu for the economic and social prosperity of our employees and to foster a sense of belonging towards the company.


  • Being one of the fastest growing IP law firms, we are determined to become the pioneer and best in the business without compromising with the grit and integrity, which is integral to the foundation of our company.

“We share the dream and aspiration of our clients and endeavour to perform over and above their expectations”.

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