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Industrial Design


  • Industrial Design is an important aspect of Intellectual Property Rights used for securing the visual pattern, shape, configuration, design and ornamentation of the product of the owner for a certain period of time to ensure the ingenuity and the aesthetics of the creative and intellectual content.
  • In order to thrive in a fast-changing competitive economy, IP rights should be taken care to maintain the upper hand in the business.
  • It acts as the tools to provide the acknowledgement, recognition and material award of the owner.
  • Industrial design registration is legal protection to grant the monopoly to the creator to make, sell and use over the particular product design to prohibit the third party from any use.


  • At KashishIPR, we help the clients in confirming the legal viability of the recommending Industrial Design for registration. Our industrial design services include:
  • 1. Legal advice and opinion regarding the search for pattern, shape and ornamentation of the industrial product.
  • 2. An absolute (worldwide) novelty for the design registration.
  • 3. Search according to the Locarno Classification.
  • 4. Restoration of the lapsed designs.
  • 5. A thorough inspection of the registered design.


  • We take care of timely filing of the renewal requests of the industrial design to ensure the long term protection of the Intellectual Property Rights.


  • Our team delivers assistance in successfully recording the changes of IP right holder with respect to the ownership, merger, transfer rights, change in the name and address.

We render all services associated with industrial design registration.

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