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  • A trademark is any symbol, name, slogan or device used for differentiating and distinguishing the product or any business from the other.

    The trademark registration acts as a hedge to maintain the distinctive and individual characteristics of any brand or product. It gives the exclusive right to the owner to refrain the others from using it in any kind or manner.


  • We assist our clients in determining the feasibility of the trademark by conducting a prior trademark search.

    An already claimed trademark by some IP owner cannot be further asserted or secured by anyone.


  • After determining the viability of the trademark, it is registered by filing a trademark application along with the submission of official fees. We stretch our services from replying to official objections, amendment of goods and services, drafting of oppositions and counter-replies, attending hearings on behalf of clients and attending to any official notices from Trade Registries etc.


  • 1. Trademark Logo.
    2. Owner Name and Address.
    3. Trademark Class.
    4. Details of Goods and services.


  • We ensure the long term security of the Intellectual Property Rights by timely filing the renewal requests before the Trademark Registries. The firm also helps in assisting in securing the abandoned trademarks of the IP owners.


  • The IP owner is required to perform the IP recordal to register the changes in the trademark because of the frequent changes in the ownership of the trademark due to any reason e.g. change of name and address of the registrant, assignment to a third party etc.

    We help in providing smooth sail in all stages to successfully record the change of name, address, assignments and mergers etc.

  • 1. Change of Name and Address:

    We help out in matters related to change in the name of legal entities or address.

  • 2. Assignment:

    Our team helps in conveying the trademark assignments, drafting of assignment deeds and affidavits. We extend our services for local trademark assignment requirements for the successful recordal of the assignment before the Trademark Registries.

  • 3. Merger:

    Our services also include the filing of Merger recordals, drafting of the Merger deeds before the trademark offices. We also offer guidance on national practices and laws pertaining to the recordal of the Merger.

  • 4. Licensing:

    The firm also provides assistance to clients both as licensee and licensor in drafting and negotiating of the trademark license.

  • We assist our clients with a gamut of services related to trademark registration.

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