Understanding the Essentials & Attributes of a Trademark

The Trademark Rights have clearly explained the essentials and attributes of a trademark. A trademark exists in the form of an expression, slogan, or any other sign identifying the services or products of one business and distinguishing them from those of others in the market. It enables people to recognize your business with a name, […]

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Here’s Why You Should Handle a Trademark Assignment Properly

Owning a trademark undoubtedly counts as one of the most valuable and crucial assets for every business company or organization. Hence, it becomes imperative not to stay ignorant about a Trademark Assignment. When a business or brand owner mishandles or infringes the Trademark Law during a trademark assignment, it could discredit the enforceability of the trademark entirely, thereby […]

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Intellectual Property Rights Involved in Advertising Campaigns

In the ongoing highly competitive working business environment, the elements of a good advertisement are likely to be copied or imitated by others in the industry. Therefore, brands and businesses need to be aware of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) that come into action when it comes to drafting and finalizing the content of an advertisement […]

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