Who owns the IP Rights in AI-Created Works?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly driving crucial developments in technology and businesses. It is being employed across a wide range of industries with an impact on almost every aspect of the creation. The availability of large amounts of training data and the advances in affordable high computing power is fueling AI’s growth. Today, the tasks […]

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How to Value your Intellectual Property in an M&A Transaction?

Companies across the world have recognized the power of valuation of Intellectual Property (IP) assets as it provides a highly competitive advantage for trade in a competitive market place. During the last few years, the commercial environment has experienced a paradigm shift with the effect of intangible assets as a notion receiving attention and becoming […]

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Brand Protection Strategy and Intellectual Property

Technology and science are ever-evolving in times of digitization and globalization. For keeping in pace with the demands of the consumers as well as stakeholders of a business, the law comes in handy. This article will project some light on the intermingling role of Intellectual Property (IP) in the domain of brand protection in the […]

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