Local IT Company Sues Microsoft Alleging Trademark Infringement

Azure Knowledge Corporation, an Ahmedabad-based Information Technology (IT) company, has quite recently filed a lawsuit in the city civil court against the tech giant Microsoft Corporation and its Indian arm, Microsoft India, alleging Trademark Infringement. DV Shah, the judge for the lawsuit filed, had issued notices to the defendants on 10th February 2020 itself, and […]

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Sharp Sues Vizio Alleging LCD Patent Infringement

Sharp Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in designing and manufacturing electronic items, has quite recently filed a Patent Infringement lawsuit against defendants Vizio Inc. (a privately held company specializing in designing and manufacturing soundbars, speakers, and televisions) and other companies in its supply chain. In the lawsuit filed at the California Central District Court, […]

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Facebook Wins Indian Patent for Providing Universal Support to Cell Phones

The social media giant Facebook has quite recently won an Indian Patent corresponding to a device, system, and method for adapting information services, code, and software to comply with the individuals’ device parameters, and for further enabling proper viewing on their mobile devices or smartphones. This latest patent gain is a boost to Facebook’s efforts […]

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