Evergreening of Patents

Evergreening is any of the various legal, business, and technological ways using which manufacturers extend the lifetime of their patents that are about to expire to retain royalties from them by either taking out new patents (for example, over related delivery systems or new pharmaceutical mixtures) or buying out or frustrating competitors for a longer […]

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All About Provisional Patent Applications

For easing the mode of filing a patent and claiming the subject matter contained therein, there are two basic approaches, namely provisional patent application and complete patent application. It is a crucial choice to opt for the filing of a provisional patent application or not since a provisional patent application is optional while a complete […]

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The Importance of Trademark Clearance Searches for Businesses

Any business owner looking to distinguish himself from others in the market would be wise to safeguard the elements that make his business unique. The same can be possible through trademarking any word, symbol, design, or phrase that the company uses to identify itself in the marketplace. However, the owners must conduct diligent research before […]

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