Intellectual Property Theft: A Menace

With the advancement of technology and the overreaching effect of cyberspace, cyber crimes have also witnessed a surge. Of these crimes, Intellectual Property (IP) theft is one of the many, which involves stealing copyright, patents, industrial designs, etc., by using the internet and computers as a medium. Copyright and trade secrets like software, secret formula/recipes, […]

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Can QR Codes be Trademarked?

Those in the print industry have been eager to adopt quick response codes over the past few years. The relatively new advent allows the marketers to put the barcodes on several different items and allow smartphone users to scan them and discover more information. A QR (shorthand for ‘Quick Response’) code is a machine-readable matrix […]

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Taxation of Intellectual Property: A Comparative Note

Today, companies are increasingly placing a huge amount of enterprise value on Intellectual Property (IP). In a few instances, the value attributed to IP assets by companies is greater than the entire net worth of the corporation itself. In the modern world, things such as overseas inter-company transactions of IP, franchising models, licensing, mergers, and […]

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